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Wish Place – Journaling

Journaling has been very addictive since I started doing it . Here in this blog, I would love to share this Page spread which I had created in my very first Junk Jounral book.

London, is my priority wish in my go-to-travel bucket list. I have heard so much about it and it’s a home to Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. 🙂

The spread I created was using a snailmailing package which I received from a swap. I cut it out and stuck it in the notebook. Later, I added a London Postcard. I used a couple of pattern paper strips and then added the postcard. Also, my Initial J was used in the paper clip which I added at the top. On the right side of the page, I added a couple of washi tape so to adhere a sticky note. I wrote about my feelings and wish to go to London someday. At the bottom I used a butterfly embellishment to complete the look of the page.

That’s how simple it is to journal. Layering and decorating and writing all makes my heart happy :). It’s unimportant to follow anyone’s style of journaling. It’s important to make your journal your very own.


Hugs and Love,

Jayana Shah.

(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)

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Watercolor + Stamping

Here I am guys, with yet another card share Blog.

In this blog, I shall share how simple watercolors and stamping can be combined to create a fun card.

Supplies Needed:

  • folded white card in the size 5.5″ by 4.25″.
  • plain white watercolour cardstock piece in the size 5.25″ by 4.00″.
  • yellow, orange, green, blue water color brush pens/ tube.
  • A watercolour brush.
  • Bird stamp
  • sentiment stamp.
  • acrylic block
  • craft heat gun (optional)
  • archival jet black ink pad
  • Glue



STEP1:  Take a piece of watercolour cardstock and apply plain water using a watercolour brush on the cardstock. Keep the strokes random.

STEP2:   Now, pick the yellow color and apply it on one side of the water brushed background. This will allow the color to spread out naturally as we have applied plain water brush strokes first. Keep doing this process with the rest of the colours too.

STEP3:   Make sure, that the colours you chose to blend should not give a muddy effect.

STEP4:   Now dry the colours using craft heat gun too. Or else, simply let it air dry.

STEP5:   Mount the stamps, on the acrylic block.

STEP6:   Ink the stamps well with the archival jet black ink.

STEP7:   Stamp it on the watercolored background. Do the same process with the sentiment stamp as well.

STEP8:   Now stick the watercolour cardstock on the plain white folded card, leaving an equal border from all sides.


The card is is all done 🙂


Greetings to one And all,

Jayana Shah.

(Jayana’s Jolly Cards).

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Brustro Pens Review.

imageMy dear crafty peeps,

welcome to another blog of mine this year! This blog is all about reviewing my new set of markers from the Brustro Company. I bought those pens from Amazon a month back. I have been using it quite often in all my projects and damn! They’re gorgeous 🙂

Firstly let me talk about doodling. If you’re always trying to doodle random drawings and also enjoy making mandalas , then these pens are simply the best. The Brustro pens are waterproof so colouring in the drawings or doodle shall not be a problem at all.

These set of pens come in a pack containing 6 pens of different numbered points. [ 0.005, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8]. And that way the tip point in size differs. This gives the user an opportunity to create different textures and layers in writing and drawing.

Another important aspect of the Brustro pens are that one can write even on watercolored papers, acrylic coloured papers. So for Journaling too the pens prove extremely useful.

Using pens which works on different surfaces was important for me since I always struggle trying to bring the ink of the pen on the already coloured surface. But these pens are hassle free. If you color your pages with distress inks, acrylics, the pens work perfectly well without smearing of any ink :). Definitely works for mixed media as well.

Hope you guys give it a go in your crafts 🙂

love to all,

Jayana Shah.

(Jayana’s Jolly Cards).



Proud Navi Mumbaikar :)

I have always been a proud Navi Mumbaikar 🙂 . I was a year old when my parents shifted from the very crowded Dahisar (Mumbai)  to the secluded Nerul (Navi Mumbai). That was the year 1994. Long back eh?.  I remember the sands in the garden, long roads with no vehicles. Distant train sounds and everything peaceful. Our colony where we lived and still living had only a couple of flats occupied out of around 160 flats. I remember my mom showing me the morning sunrise and I remember waking up to the happy chirpy birds.The nights would get much quieter, windy and full of chills. My dad would cycle me up the road which lead to the railway station.There we would have hot tea at the tea stall. The morning fog would be amazing to look at. My dad and I would sip on the hot tea and then breathe out in the air. Seeing the smoke coming out from my mouth would make me laugh :D.

10 years down the line, in my school days, things changed. Bridges were built, cement roads took over the sandy lanes. Huge green public gardens came up to beautify the town and city. Corporators worked hard day and night to create the beautiful well planned Navi Mumbai city.

At present, we have green lushes, cleaner roads, cool cafes and malls. The traffic police is stationed at proper places and they act vigilantly. I am so happy to live in such great city.

Just recently while I was standing at the Nerul bus depot, my eyes fell on this dry and clean waste baskets which were placed at every corner of the bus stand. I feel proud to be a Navi Mumbaikar. So happy to see the positive progress 🙂


Photograpghed by Jayana Shah.



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Waiting for the postman…

I usually (infact, always) find my self looking outside the window during noon , waiting for the postman. Since 2012 I have been into swapping. Yet, the impatience still remains within me. I still remember the first time I received a postcard. It was sent to me by a friend of mine who was travelling north side. She described how she was enjoying the tour. The postcard is still with me with the beautiful postmark stamp on it. Slowly I started receiving many postcards from peopl all over the world (because I was registered to ). For a couple of years I collected quite many cards. (603 to be precise).

In 2013 I joined the swap community on Instagram and became penpals with a Finnish girl. We loved exchanging letters, handmade items and also some goodies from our countries. I truly loved the idea behind knowing people from different parts of the world thorough swapping and penpaling. So you see, the afternoon wait became a usual habit for me. 🙂

The postman here is very kind. I send me a Thank you card every Diwali. He ensures proper delivery of posts to my home letter box. It’s very much worth appreciating.

Somewhere in 2014 I joined My life changed a lot as I was able to participate in various swaps and learn different styles of crafting.

I am still not tired of waiting for mails. I do get excited when I receive a happy mail 🙂 I scream, sometimes even cry while receiving and opening pretty packages 🤗😍.


Does that happen with you too ????.

I want to thank my postman for making me happy 😀.


Love to All,




Paper crafting always becomes more and more interesting when Embellishments are used. There are many companies and stores from where one can purchase lovely Embellishments from. But the best part and therapeutic experience comes from creating your own sets of Embellishments. At least that’s how it is for me.

Storing many stamps and papers comes in very handy to create Embellishments. Try this fun Embellishment. Punch a small circle or cut out a circle. Take any stamp you have and stamp it on the circle. Now take a few (2 to 3)pieces of colored or pattern paper strips of narrow and size and snip off the edge in a slanting manner. And staple these pieces of papers with circle on top. Add a rhinestone near your stamped image and that’s it!!  A fun Embellishment is ready!

Like so,  you can also use your different punches,  color pens,  ribbons,  laces,  washi tapes to create Embellishments. Crepe papers can be used to make fun rosette flowers. Long Accordian strip of paper can also be used to create a rosette.

Many a times one can find various cute quotes,  sayings, drswings, printed images or borders in books,  magazines. Use them too in your crafts. It adds a lot of interest in your project.

Pinterest offers a lot of free Printabales to chose from. Save the pdf and get them printed. Another way of creating Embellishments is ready!  🙂

If you’re from India,  we have “raddi walas”  who have many old books. Those vibtage looking books have vibtage pages which also can be used as Embellishments in your craft projects.

So guys,  I hope this helps you to get started with your lovely DIY  Embellishments. Have fun while creating. 🙂



(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)


Craft organization

Well my dear crafty peeps,  new year has been so far so good 🙂  Hope you guys have had good three days of January this year 🙂

I recently went through a lot of work collecting bits and pieces of scraps left out from all the previous projects and trying to also organise my craft supplies.

I want to share a few little tips and tricks on how to get yourself organised so that you don’t spend time in searching for supplies or products you need.

If you have a work surface ( a huge table to work on),  then let a few important products be on the table within the reach of your hand. For example,  black inkpads,  die cut machine,  a storage box to store all the nice paper scraps,  heat gun tool,  glue,  tapes,  stickers,  scissors, pens, trimmer, acrylic mount block. This will save a lot of your time. I also keep all my stamps in big rectangular zip pouches. And as far as Ephemera and Embellishments are concerned,  I store in plastic containers in which there are dividers. That way I know which pouch or containers to use and I save my time from searching for things unnecessarily.  I clean by photopolymer stamps using rubbing alchohol when the stamps loses it’s stickiness.  Rubbing alchohol (spirit) is very easily available in chemist and drug stores in India as well.

Same big plastic containers can also be used for storing all your inkpads and distress inks.

If you have many stickers,  you can also store them in zip pouches or in rectangular plastic containers. Try to find storage containers from thrift stores to save spending a lot of money.

If you’re from India, then going to flee markets (like janta market, dmart or village side once a week market)  will definitely be a money saver idea.

So guys if you like being organised like me, then I hope this blog post helps you to stay organised and neat 🙂

See you in my next blog,

Jayana Shah.

(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)