step by step Process of Card making #Basic .

image image image

Basic #card making technique ..
Please read the article on my wordpress page titled “Introduction to basic card making” for a brief up.
Now, after having the materials required, follow the steps shown in the pic.
1⃣Take and cut the White card stock with the help of a cutter of the desired size and 2⃣fold it into half. 3⃣Then peel off the clear stamp from the stamp sheet and 4⃣place it onto white card stock. 5⃣,6⃣Use the acrylic block (with the smooth surface of the clear stamp stuck on the block) to mount. 7⃣Ink the stamp with black memento ink pad and 8⃣stamp the image on the White card stock. Press the block evenly on all sides to avoid any glitches. And Ta-da ! 9⃣Your image is now stamped… Color it using any medium you like 🙂 I have used marker pens … If you don’t wish to go through the stamping process, you can directly draw an image you want using a thin black marker or pencil :)) it’s all up to you … 😄🌟🌟
Hope this helps you create your own card too 👼 have a great day and comment below for any queries :)) #cardmaking #beginners #guide #craft


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