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GO Craft Shopping !!


Craft shopping for Indian crafters.

Guys, shopping is really exciting if you love craft shopping. Yes, people who are like me (crazy about crafts) then shopping online as well as offline shopping is definitely a huge deal.

Some of the online craft sites I would like to recommend are:


What I personally prefer doing is, open all sites in different tabs at once. Compare prices of a particular product I want and see the rates. Also, discount offers are a big eye catching deal. Keeping these two things in mind (discount prices and product availability) . Another aspect I consider is the shipping costs. Wherever you’re situated guys, it’s important to also see which site gives you a better shipping cost and facility.

No major problems arise in online craft shopping. The Indian craft sites have developed extensively and they sell Indian plus Foreign manufactured products. Everything is all about globalisation and the craft industry is dancing to it’s tunes šŸ™‚

Now when it comes to offline shopping, that is walking or travelling to a craft store, I recommend a few places in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai.

In Mumbai there is itsybitsy store in the Palledium Mall.

In Navi Mumbai, there’s hobby ideas store in Inorbit Mall, Vashi where you can buy some good embellishments and cardstocks. Also artistry ink pads are easily available in their store.
Another store in Navi Mumbai is Mahi stationery shop, Nerul East. It is perfect for buying stickers, card papers, scissors, cutters and glues, paper tapes.

Hope this is helpful for you to start with your craft shopping and creating your own craft hauls šŸ™‚

Jayana Shah.
(Jayana ‘s Jolly Cards)


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