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ATCs stands for Artist Trading Cards.

In this blog, I will be talking All about ATCs.

I began swapping in the year 2012. First I would swap postcards; slowly headed to making pen-pals via Instagram and landing on this beautiful site later called as  swap-bot . When I joined Swap-bot, I came across many swaps based on ATCs. So i began my research in order to participate in such swaps. And the moment i started to create ATCs, I fell in love!

so my dear Crafty peeps, if you google, you will come across a standard definition of an ATC being your projection of art on an 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches piece of canvas or on heavy card base. Yes, that’s absolutely true. And such pieces are for trading; meaning, you can swap and receive other person’s ATC. Of course you can definitely collect if not swap 🙂 It totally depends on you.

What I immensely love about ATCs is the size on which one can create art and craft work on. It’s a perfect size to depict your creativity and also test various textures.

So to start with for example, you can apply old book page on the Heavy cardboard of the appropriate size (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches) and add white gesso on top. If it’s a christmas themed ATC, then you can distress the edges using any red color. Stamp any christmas themed ornaments, color it or embellish it. That’s it . you’re good to go.

What  important is to have fun with it and explore your creativity. You can even simply doodle any art on your canvas. It’s absolutely a free mind art and craft.

Here are a few I have made :



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