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Gesso And Embossing Paste.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to mixed media form of art and crafts. The moment I decided to try it, I started collecting information about how to go about. Now, I can say that I have managed to learn mixed media techniques and would love to help out all beginners to start with mixed media techniques.

To begin with, the two of the main ingredients of mixed media are White heavy gesso and embossing/texture paste. What are they ? How they help you commence your project?

Well, dear crafty peeps, as you know that whenever make up is applied to the face, the first step is to prep the face. That is to say, foundation, primers are used as base before make up is applied. Similar is the case with starting out a mixed media project. On any surface, be it on a canvas, newspaper or any random paper, first thing once can do is prep the page using White heavy gesso. You can use fingers (though not prefered) or art knives, scoop a little of the white gesso and spread it all over the surface using a spunge. It need not be spread evenly. the uneven spread will bring out a natural look.

Let such spread dry. Once it is dry, one can use various kinds of meida such as water colors, acrylic paints and distress to bring out colors on your surface.And now comes the next process of mixed media technique. Embossing paste or Texture paste. As the name suggests, Embossing paste or texture paste brings out texture. The paste pleasantly pops a little to give a slight raise. So if you use plastic stencils to apply embossing paste on, you can create various designs on your preferred surface. White texture paste is what I recommend because you can mix any color of your choice with the embossing paste and bring out colored texture. So you need not purchase colored embossing pastes if you’re a beginner.

here’s what I use.


Hope this article helps you to start with your own mixed media crafts.

video tutorial will be coming soon. 🙂

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