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DIY Christmas greeting card

Hi my lovely crafty peeps,

so here I am today with a quick Christmas themed card to share with you guys 🙂

Supplies needed are:

  • colourful ink pads
  • versa mark watermark stamp pad
  • snowflakes stamps
  • acrylic block
  • black card stock in the size 4.125 inches by 5.5 inches and another piece in the size 2.5 inches by 5.5inches
  • white card stock in the size 4 inches by 5.125 inches.
  • gloden embossing powder
  • heat gun craft tool


  1. Products I have used :
    1) Trim craft Krafty Christmas clear stamp
    2) @ranger_ink embossing powder – Gold
    3) hobbyideas – black and white cardstock
    4) fiskars paper trimmer
    5) ranger ink pads


STEP1 Take a white piece of card stock. Now use the snowflake stamp you have. Mount the stamp onto the acrylic block. Select the color of your choice and start stamping from the top to bottom. If you notice in the card, the clutter of snowflakes at the top is more than the bottom. This gives the ‘falling’ effect.

STEP2 now use the sentiment stamp (have a merry Christmas in this case)  and ink it well using versa mark watermark stamp pad. Stamp it on the smaller piece of black card stock.

STEP3 Now sprinkle golden embossing powder on top and tap the black piece to remove the excess powder.

STEP4 melt the powder using heat gun tool to remove the excess.

STEP5 now comes the adhering part. Use double sided tape at the back of the White card and stick it on to the big piece of black card stock leaving equal borders around.

STEP6 Last, stick the smaller piece of black card stock on the White cardstock leaving more space at the top and lesser space from the bottom.

That is it guys 🙂

Hope you have fun creating this card at home…



(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)


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