Craft organization

Well my dear crafty peeps,  new year has been so far so good 🙂  Hope you guys have had good three days of January this year 🙂

I recently went through a lot of work collecting bits and pieces of scraps left out from all the previous projects and trying to also organise my craft supplies.

I want to share a few little tips and tricks on how to get yourself organised so that you don’t spend time in searching for supplies or products you need.

If you have a work surface ( a huge table to work on),  then let a few important products be on the table within the reach of your hand. For example,  black inkpads,  die cut machine,  a storage box to store all the nice paper scraps,  heat gun tool,  glue,  tapes,  stickers,  scissors, pens, trimmer, acrylic mount block. This will save a lot of your time. I also keep all my stamps in big rectangular zip pouches. And as far as Ephemera and Embellishments are concerned,  I store in plastic containers in which there are dividers. That way I know which pouch or containers to use and I save my time from searching for things unnecessarily.  I clean by photopolymer stamps using rubbing alchohol when the stamps loses it’s stickiness.  Rubbing alchohol (spirit) is very easily available in chemist and drug stores in India as well.

Same big plastic containers can also be used for storing all your inkpads and distress inks.

If you have many stickers,  you can also store them in zip pouches or in rectangular plastic containers. Try to find storage containers from thrift stores to save spending a lot of money.

If you’re from India, then going to flee markets (like janta market, dmart or village side once a week market)  will definitely be a money saver idea.

So guys if you like being organised like me, then I hope this blog post helps you to stay organised and neat 🙂

See you in my next blog,

Jayana Shah.

(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)


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