Paper crafting always becomes more and more interesting when Embellishments are used. There are many companies and stores from where one can purchase lovely Embellishments from. But the best part and therapeutic experience comes from creating your own sets of Embellishments. At least that’s how it is for me.

Storing many stamps and papers comes in very handy to create Embellishments. Try this fun Embellishment. Punch a small circle or cut out a circle. Take any stamp you have and stamp it on the circle. Now take a few (2 to 3)pieces of colored or pattern paper strips of narrow and size and snip off the edge in a slanting manner. And staple these pieces of papers with circle on top. Add a rhinestone near your stamped image and that’s it!!  A fun Embellishment is ready!

Like so,  you can also use your different punches,  color pens,  ribbons,  laces,  washi tapes to create Embellishments. Crepe papers can be used to make fun rosette flowers. Long Accordian strip of paper can also be used to create a rosette.

Many a times one can find various cute quotes,  sayings, drswings, printed images or borders in books,  magazines. Use them too in your crafts. It adds a lot of interest in your project.

Pinterest offers a lot of free Printabales to chose from. Save the pdf and get them printed. Another way of creating Embellishments is ready!  🙂

If you’re from India,  we have “raddi walas”  who have many old books. Those vibtage looking books have vibtage pages which also can be used as Embellishments in your craft projects.

So guys,  I hope this helps you to get started with your lovely DIY  Embellishments. Have fun while creating. 🙂



(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)


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