Proud Navi Mumbaikar :)

I have always been a proud Navi Mumbaikar 🙂 . I was a year old when my parents shifted from the very crowded Dahisar (Mumbai)  to the secluded Nerul (Navi Mumbai). That was the year 1994. Long back eh?.  I remember the sands in the garden, long roads with no vehicles. Distant train sounds and everything peaceful. Our colony where we lived and still living had only a couple of flats occupied out of around 160 flats. I remember my mom showing me the morning sunrise and I remember waking up to the happy chirpy birds.The nights would get much quieter, windy and full of chills. My dad would cycle me up the road which lead to the railway station.There we would have hot tea at the tea stall. The morning fog would be amazing to look at. My dad and I would sip on the hot tea and then breathe out in the air. Seeing the smoke coming out from my mouth would make me laugh :D.

10 years down the line, in my school days, things changed. Bridges were built, cement roads took over the sandy lanes. Huge green public gardens came up to beautify the town and city. Corporators worked hard day and night to create the beautiful well planned Navi Mumbai city.

At present, we have green lushes, cleaner roads, cool cafes and malls. The traffic police is stationed at proper places and they act vigilantly. I am so happy to live in such great city.

Just recently while I was standing at the Nerul bus depot, my eyes fell on this dry and clean waste baskets which were placed at every corner of the bus stand. I feel proud to be a Navi Mumbaikar. So happy to see the positive progress 🙂


Photograpghed by Jayana Shah.




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