Bio: Heya ! Welcome to my blog at wordpress "@sjayana20" :)) there's so much to tell about myself and I don't know where to begin from :p Hmmmm let's see... Let me begin by introducing myself 🙂 My name is Jayana shah. I'm 23 yo living every moment of the rush hour in the city of Mumbai (technically Navi Mumbai). I love travelling. I have never travelled outside India yet, but it's one of my dreams to travel the world :)) I love and enjoy spending time in many many things: #postcrossing #snail-mailing and #pen-palling #listeningtomusic #Starbucks #reading #writing #observing-people #beingclosetonature #crafting #scrapbooking #cooking #art #watchingTVshows ❤️❤️❤️ And many more stuffs I just can't begin to describe in a word 😉 Also I'm a total #foodie.. I love to binge on #food just like a lion pounces on it's prey 😉 :p lol simply kidding :p I do posses a few table manners though :)) But life in short for me is making the most out of everything... ☺️ And I love and respect my parents who brought me into this mysterious world (yes, I do find this world mysterious 😉 )...I thank God for his amazing and astounding creations. 🙂 I should stop writing now 😉 :p thanks for stopping by and reading this crazy profile of a crazy woman who loves to live in this crazy world 🙂 Adiós, Jayana. (Born Indian.)

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