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My life in a year. 2017-2018

It’s been ages since I last updated my blog post. In these 12 months a lot has changed. I don’t feel the change. But when yesterday I sat down to write the things I have accomplished, the things I have changes about myself, a lot came up. I kept on writing in my journal uptil 4 pages.

So I thought I should at least share those few important changes here on my blog.

here it goes:

  • I have been doing yoga for almost 6 months now. And I’m super happy with my decision to Join Yoga.
  • Managed to make mixed media projects and actually did receive a lot of positive feedback for it. The most delightful milestone for me was when Julie Nutting herself and Prima Company (One of the top brands of the Craft Industry based in USA) left their positive feedback on my Creation.
  • I have joined a Retail Craft shop called Letzcraft and I get paid for my job as a group moderator. Thankfully I now can spend on my craft supplies.
  • With all determination I could possible muster, I have officially stopped using Earphones. Reason ? Well, I was plugging them in my ears almost everyday for long hours for music, watching YouTube videos, TV series on Amazon Prime …. and I knew it would damage my ears. Had to get rid of this habit. I am now watching with speakers on and No Headphones or Earphones.
  • In this beautiful Craft Journey, I have built a few very Good friends despite how different geographically we live in.
  • I have also started to save my earnings and invest. Yay! for that ๐Ÿ˜€ as I am a little spendthrift by nature.


There are also a few things I still need to Work on:

  • Solve the issue of PCOD
  • Help myself to learn how to prioritize my expenses.
  • Slow down more on swaps.
  • Do more Journaling.
  • Put up more Blog posts.
  • Read More ofย  Commerce related Magazines.
  • Start with Craft Classes and prepare myself for it by making proper Kits for each student.


So I guess this is it for the time being. I am just going with my gut, my past experiences and future expectations to get my self onto the path I want to go to, which is excel in Crafting Financially. Also my Second most important Step Would be to be able to solve PCOD.


I hope I do achieve those things, While my parents are going after Groom-Searching :D(more on that in future Blogs).

See you soon…

  • Jayana.
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Brustro Pens Review.

imageMy dear crafty peeps,

welcome to another blog of mine this year! This blog is all about reviewing my new set of markers from the Brustro Company. I bought those pens from Amazon a month back. I have been using it quite often in all my projects and damn! They’re gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

Firstly let me talk about doodling. If you’re always trying to doodle random drawings and also enjoy making mandalas , then these pens are simply the best. The Brustro pens are waterproof so colouring in the drawings or doodle shall not be a problem at all.

These set of pens come in a pack containing 6 pens of different numbered points. [ 0.005, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8]. And that way the tip point in size differs. This gives the user an opportunity to create different textures and layers in writing and drawing.

Another important aspect of the Brustro pens are that one can write even on watercolored papers, acrylic coloured papers. So for Journaling too the pens prove extremely useful.

Using pens which works on different surfaces was important for me since I always struggle trying to bring the ink of the pen on the already coloured surface. But these pens are hassle free. If you color your pages with distress inks, acrylics, the pens work perfectly well without smearing of any ink :). Definitely works for mixed media as well.

Hope you guys give it a go in your crafts ๐Ÿ™‚

love to all,

Jayana Shah.

(Jayana’s Jolly Cards).


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Craft + Journaling

With new variety of crafts being explored by crafters, another form of craft is Art Journaling. Many of us have the habit of writing our thoughts, feelings in diaries. Documenting life in scrapbooks is adorably cute. And so is Journaling.

Piyu is a dear friend of mine whom I met on Instagram. I would see a lot of her posts where she would show us how she documented her life, wrote her thoughts in pretty looking journals. What attracted me the most was the incorporation of crafts into books of written thoughts. She made a group on Facebook this year named “Journal your heart out”. She sent me a request and I immediately accepted it. So yeah, my journey of Journaling began in the month of October 2016.

I am not in a position to tell you that this is the right way of doing journaling or that is the right way of doing it. That’s coz it’s a free form of art. If I happened to go out somewhere I can come home save some tickets and write about it. If you stayed at home and found yourself wandering and pondering over a certain topic, again you could write it down. You can also use your colourful pens, papers, paper tapes, embellishments to decorate your pages. You can even make your own journal by sewing pages together. Seriously the fun only begins when you start journaling. ๐Ÿ™‚ An endless way of showing creativity with your words and crafts.

Writing about quotes you love, sticking photos you found interesting in any magazine, writing about you bucket lists, plans, to-do lists, everything can be smushed in in your own journal. It’s a personal asset.

I am having so much fun doing Journaling. I had a friend from Germany (her name is Mona) who generously sent me a fabric journal, notebooks tied with it and teabags and a sewn journal. Using everything has been such a delightful experience. I’m currently on my third journal book. Also Mranalini who also made an adorable hand sewn journal .

Hope you guys try out and have fun with your imagination.



(Jayana’s Jolly cards)

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2017 ๐Ÿ˜˜

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ATCs stands for Artist Trading Cards.

In this blog, I will be talking All about ATCs.

I began swapping in the year 2012. First I would swap postcards; slowly headed to making pen-pals via Instagram and landing on this beautiful site later called as ย swap-botย . When I joined Swap-bot, I came across many swaps based on ATCs. So i began my research in order to participate in such swaps. And the moment i started to create ATCs, I fell in love!

so my dear Crafty peeps, if you google, you will come across a standard definition of an ATC being your projection of art on an 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches piece of canvas or on heavy card base. Yes, that’s absolutely true. And such pieces are for trading; meaning, you can swap and receive other person’s ATC. Of course you can definitely collect if not swap ๐Ÿ™‚ It totally depends on you.

What I immensely love about ATCs is the size on which one can create art and craft work on. It’s a perfect size to depict your creativity and also test various textures.

So to start with for example, you can apply old book page on the Heavy cardboard of the appropriate size (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches) and add white gesso on top. If it’s a christmas themed ATC, then you can distress the edges using any red color. Stamp any christmas themed ornaments, color it or embellish it. That’s it . you’re good to go.

What ย important is to have fun with it and explore your creativity. You can even simply doodle any art on your canvas. It’s absolutely a free mind art and craft.

Here are a few I have made :


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Gesso And Embossing Paste.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to mixed media form of art and crafts. The moment I decided to try it, I started collecting information about how to go about. Now, I can say that I have managed to learn mixed media techniques and would love to help out all beginners to start with mixed media techniques.

To begin with, the two of the main ingredients of mixed media are White heavy gesso and embossing/texture paste. What are they ? How they help you commence your project?

Well, dear crafty peeps, as you know that whenever make up is applied to the face, the first step is to prep the face. That is to say, foundation, primers are used as base before make up is applied. Similar is the case with starting out a mixed media project. On any surface, be it on a canvas, newspaper or any random paper, first thing once can do is prep the page using White heavy gesso. You can use fingers (though not prefered) or art knives, scoop a little of the white gesso and spread it all over the surface using a spunge. It need not be spread evenly. the uneven spread will bring out a natural look.

Let such spread dry. Once it is dry, one can use various kinds of meida such as water colors, acrylic paints and distress to bring out colors on your surface.And now comes the next process of mixed media technique. Embossing paste or Texture paste. As the name suggests, Embossing paste or texture paste brings out texture. The paste pleasantly pops a little to give a slight raise. So if you use plastic stencils to apply embossing paste on, you can create various designs on your preferred surface. White texture paste is what I recommend because you can mix any color of your choice with the embossing paste and bring out colored texture. So you need not purchase colored embossing pastes if you’re a beginner.

here’s what I use.


Hope this article helps you to start with your own mixed media crafts.

video tutorial will be coming soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

So follow me on YouTube : Jayana S

Have a great day,

keep crafting,

  • Jayana
    (Jayana’s Jolly Cards)