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Guys, if you love to share and receive gifts and kindness then I would highly recommend tryingย Swap-bot. It’s a wonderdul site where in one can participate in different swaps hosted by the swap host. So if a particular swap is open internationally, then people from any part of the world who are registered on swap-bot canย participate . Once the deadline to join a particular swap is over, the host will click on the “assign partners” button that only she/he can see. The computer does all the work and everyone is assigned a partner. We as participants can see the partner to whom we have to send parcel to. We can also see who will receive our parcel.

Now, once you have prepared the parcel according to the swap requirements, you have to click on the “sent” button. Your partner once he receives an item from you will rate you accordingly:

1) 5 stars with a heart if your partner loves what you have sent.

2) 5 stars only if you meet the swap requirements.

3) 3 stars if you have not followed the rules of the swap.

4) 1 star if your partner has not received within reasonable time and lack of communication.

so, yeah this site is very safe in removing all the bad swappers and Flakers because if a swapper gets more times 1 star, the swapper is banned. Also, the less number of stars you score, the point score decreases all the more. After a certain reduction in your point score, the site bans you.

In this site, you can participate in any random themed swaps. But for crafters, this site is great as it also offers a lot of creative swaps and mailings.

This new year , try something new, something fancy.

Share and receive Joy through posts ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‡.

Warm Greetings,


(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)




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Craft + Journaling

With new variety of crafts being explored by crafters, another form of craft is Art Journaling. Many of us have the habit of writing our thoughts, feelings in diaries. Documenting life in scrapbooks is adorably cute. And so is Journaling.

Piyu is a dear friend of mine whom I met on Instagram. I would see a lot of her posts where she would show us how she documented her life, wrote her thoughts in pretty looking journals. What attracted me the most was the incorporation of crafts into books of written thoughts. She made a group on Facebook this year named “Journal your heart out”. She sent me a request and I immediately accepted it. So yeah, my journey of Journaling began in the month of October 2016.

I am not in a position to tell you that this is the right way of doing journaling or that is the right way of doing it. That’s coz it’s a free form of art. If I happened to go out somewhere I can come home save some tickets and write about it. If you stayed at home and found yourself wandering and pondering over a certain topic, again you could write it down. You can also use your colourful pens, papers, paper tapes, embellishments to decorate your pages. You can even make your own journal by sewing pages together. Seriously the fun only begins when you start journaling. ๐Ÿ™‚ An endless way of showing creativity with your words and crafts.

Writing about quotes you love, sticking photos you found interesting in any magazine, writing about you bucket lists, plans, to-do lists, everything can be smushed in in your own journal. It’s a personal asset.

I am having so much fun doing Journaling. I had a friend from Germany (her name is Mona) who generously sent me a fabric journal, notebooks tied with it and teabags and a sewn journal. Using everything has been such a delightful experience. I’m currently on my third journal book. Also Mranalini who also made an adorable hand sewn journal .

Hope you guys try out and have fun with your imagination.



(Jayana’s Jolly cards)

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2017 ๐Ÿ˜˜

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DiY love cards

These kind of cards can be sent to anyone. With simple techniques and methods, one can create these adorable cards in minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

so let’s get started !

supplies needed are:

  • sentiment stamp
  • butterfly stamp
  • watercolor pencils
  • black card stock in the size 4.125 inches by 5.5 inches
  • white card stock in the size 4 inches by 5.125 inches
  • black ink pad
  • red marker/ pen
  • double sided adhesive

Products I have Used:

  1. 1) @peekaboo_designs sentiments
    2) @prima_mixedmedia cling butterfly stamps
    3) Hobby idea’s white and black cardstock
    4) Staedtler luna watercolor pencils ๐Ÿ™‚ #handmadebyjayana #jayanasjollycards ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Ranger Archival Jet black inkpad


STEP1 stamp the sentiment in the middle of the white card stock using black ink pad.

STEP2 stamp the butterfly in two opposite corners using again the black inkpad.

STEP3 color the butterflies using watercolor pencils. And then use water with a paintbrush to blend the colours .

STEP4 draw a heart with a red pen/ marker near the sentiment

STEP5 Trim in a tiny U-shape in the remaining opposite two corners.

STEP6 stick the panel down using double sided tape adhesive on the black card stock leaving equal borders.

And now you can send them to your loved ones ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you guys enjoyed this Blog.

Greetings and Love,


(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)



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DIY Christmas greeting card

Hi my lovely crafty peeps,

so here I am today with a quick Christmas themed card to share with you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Supplies needed are:

  • colourful ink pads
  • versa mark watermark stamp pad
  • snowflakes stamps
  • acrylic block
  • black card stock in the size 4.125 inches by 5.5 inches and another piece in the size 2.5 inches by 5.5inches
  • white card stock in the size 4 inches by 5.125 inches.
  • gloden embossing powder
  • heat gun craft tool


  1. Products I have used :
    1) Trim craft Krafty Christmas clear stamp
    2) @ranger_ink embossing powder – Gold
    3) hobbyideas – black and white cardstock
    4) fiskars paper trimmer
    5) ranger ink pads


STEP1 Take a white piece of card stock. Now use the snowflake stamp you have. Mount the stamp onto the acrylic block. Select the color of your choice and start stamping from the top to bottom. If you notice in the card, the clutter of snowflakes at the top is more than the bottom. This gives the ‘falling’ effect.

STEP2 now use the sentiment stamp (have a merry Christmas in this case) ย and ink it well using versa mark watermark stamp pad. Stamp it on the smaller piece of black card stock.

STEP3 Now sprinkle golden embossing powder on top and tap the black piece to remove the excess powder.

STEP4 melt the powder using heat gun tool to remove the excess.

STEP5 now comes the adhering part. Use double sided tape at the back of the White card and stick it on to the big piece of black card stock leaving equal borders around.

STEP6 Last, stick the smaller piece of black card stock on the White cardstock leaving more space at the top and lesser space from the bottom.

That is it guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you have fun creating this card at home…



(Jayana’s Jolly Cards)

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ATCs stands for Artist Trading Cards.

In this blog, I will be talking All about ATCs.

I began swapping in the year 2012. First I would swap postcards; slowly headed to making pen-pals via Instagram and landing on this beautiful site later called as ย swap-botย . When I joined Swap-bot, I came across many swaps based on ATCs. So i began my research in order to participate in such swaps. And the moment i started to create ATCs, I fell in love!

so my dear Crafty peeps, if you google, you will come across a standard definition of an ATC being your projection of art on an 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches piece of canvas or on heavy card base. Yes, that’s absolutely true. And such pieces are for trading; meaning, you can swap and receive other person’s ATC. Of course you can definitely collect if not swap ๐Ÿ™‚ It totally depends on you.

What I immensely love about ATCs is the size on which one can create art and craft work on. It’s a perfect size to depict your creativity and also test various textures.

So to start with for example, you can apply old book page on the Heavy cardboard of the appropriate size (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches) and add white gesso on top. If it’s a christmas themed ATC, then you can distress the edges using any red color. Stamp any christmas themed ornaments, color it or embellish it. That’s it . you’re good to go.

What ย important is to have fun with it and explore your creativity. You can even simply doodle any art on your canvas. It’s absolutely a free mind art and craft.

Here are a few I have made :


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Gesso And Embossing Paste.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to mixed media form of art and crafts. The moment I decided to try it, I started collecting information about how to go about. Now, I can say that I have managed to learn mixed media techniques and would love to help out all beginners to start with mixed media techniques.

To begin with, the two of the main ingredients of mixed media are White heavy gesso and embossing/texture paste. What are they ? How they help you commence your project?

Well, dear crafty peeps, as you know that whenever make up is applied to the face, the first step is to prep the face. That is to say, foundation, primers are used as base before make up is applied. Similar is the case with starting out a mixed media project. On any surface, be it on a canvas, newspaper or any random paper, first thing once can do is prep the page using White heavy gesso. You can use fingers (though not prefered) or art knives, scoop a little of the white gesso and spread it all over the surface using a spunge. It need not be spread evenly. the uneven spread will bring out a natural look.

Let such spread dry. Once it is dry, one can use various kinds of meida such as water colors, acrylic paints and distress to bring out colors on your surface.And now comes the next process of mixed media technique. Embossing paste or Texture paste. As the name suggests, Embossing paste or texture paste brings out texture. The paste pleasantly pops a little to give a slight raise. So if you use plastic stencils to apply embossing paste on, you can create various designs on your preferred surface. White texture paste is what I recommend because you can mix any color of your choice with the embossing paste and bring out colored texture. So you need not purchase colored embossing pastes if you’re a beginner.

here’s what I use.


Hope this article helps you to start with your own mixed media crafts.

video tutorial will be coming soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

So follow me on YouTube : Jayana S

Have a great day,

keep crafting,

  • Jayana
    (Jayana’s Jolly Cards)
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GO Craft Shopping !!


Craft shopping for Indian crafters.

Guys, shopping is really exciting if you love craft shopping. Yes, people who are like me (crazy about crafts) then shopping online as well as offline shopping is definitely a huge deal.

Some of the online craft sites I would like to recommend are:


What I personally prefer doing is, open all sites in different tabs at once. Compare prices of a particular product I want and see the rates. Also, discount offers are a big eye catching deal. Keeping these two things in mind (discount prices and product availability) . Another aspect I consider is the shipping costs. Wherever you’re situated guys, it’s important to also see which site gives you a better shipping cost and facility.

No major problems arise in online craft shopping. The Indian craft sites have developed extensively and they sell Indian plus Foreign manufactured products. Everything is all about globalisation and the craft industry is dancing to it’s tunes ๐Ÿ™‚

Now when it comes to offline shopping, that is walking or travelling to a craft store, I recommend a few places in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai.

In Mumbai there is itsybitsy store in the Palledium Mall.

In Navi Mumbai, there’s hobby ideas store in Inorbit Mall, Vashi where you can buy some good embellishments and cardstocks. Also artistry ink pads are easily available in their store.
Another store in Navi Mumbai is Mahi stationery shop, Nerul East. It is perfect for buying stickers, card papers, scissors, cutters and glues, paper tapes.

Hope this is helpful for you to start with your craft shopping and creating your own craft hauls ๐Ÿ™‚

Jayana Shah.
(Jayana ‘s Jolly Cards)